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List of Staff

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List of Staff

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:25 am

Staff List

Head Admins:
Nack the Weasel -Founder
Dark Derp -Co-Founder

Main Admins:
(GX) Blair Flannigan
*Master Hyperion*

*Black Rose Dragon*-Head mod

└┌Lithe┘┐-Head Tester
Silver the Hedgehog

Staff Responsibilities

Head Admins (founders):
Even admins have a structure of command. Leaders of the forum, main people in charge who make final decisions in staff placement and overall on the forum.

Main Admins:
Group for admins who have access to the panel to help the site, add people to groups, and to help the forum and monitor it, they have the power to lead the acad when a head admin is not online.

Moderators are the main influences of the acad, they monitor the chat box, move/delete topics and posts, and most can test members.

This usergroup is for people who focus on testing people and puting people in their groups, the head tester is the one who makes the final descision on whom becomes a tester in this group.

Members: Very Happy
The most important of all, these are the main citezens of our forum, they make our online community, the staff's sole responsibility is to make sure this online community is safe for the members and to make sure that almost every1 is happy in the forum


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