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Ways to accumulate Duel Points!

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Ways to accumulate Duel Points!

Post by {Eclipse} Star Lord on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:53 pm

I get asked "how do you rank up in this forum to a higher dorm" the main and only real way to rank up, is to accumulate duel points for a retest which is 400 points. This is the Academy currency is like money on the forum, i'm going to explain ways to get points and how to get a retest.

Ways to get points:

Homework: You can get between 25-75 points depending on the difficulty of the assignment. The higher your dorm is, the more difficult the assignment will be.

Duel Arena: you will receive 25 Dueling Points for winning a match. It may not be that much but, it will add up

Recruiting: For every member you bring into the academy, you will get 50 points. The member who you recruiting must confirm he/she was recruited by you in the recruitment thread.

Posting, For each topic you post, you will receive 3 points and for ever reply to each post you will receive 1 point, this will add up

If you keep working at it, you can rank up within a week. But you have to put effort into it.

GFX shop/Deck Shop: Good at deck building or graphic arts? Well you can sell your work for points on here by buying a shop, by doing this you can gain dp and also have more security if you don't make it to the higher dorm. This way if you fail the test, you can still rank up.

Tournaments: When you have the tournament license you can charge people to enter your tournament and keep the dp you charged them for. Also if you are in a tournament you can win dp by winning it or coming in second place. ( Note. This depends the prizes for the tournament.)


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