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Suggestions and Supporting interjections

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:48 am

Activity Based Problems:

1) Member Testing/Recruiting; In-vain. members are introduced into the academy, then you guys out of nowhere stop signing on, some even indefinitely. What's up with that?
Become active and interject idea's, there's more to an academy than what people see on the surface for a short amount of time.

2) Appropriate conduct towards members of all ranks. No one wants to be disrespected so do not rage in chat. PM me, or an admin and or settle it in the chat-box. Suck it up, or chuck it up chumps.

3) Testing results. I honestly couldn't give more fucks then I do now about how you "Think" it went down, ultimately it's the testers vision that is final, unless a probable point proposed. Get better and retest using DP (Duel Points) that you earned for various occasions in ODA (Tournaments, Posts, Dueling in the Arena.)

4) Suck it up please (#NinjaStopBitchin) Look we all have feelings, shit here isn't fair all the time, we're all human. The fact you're bitchin' about this specific post right now shows something about your ability to adapt doesn't it? Stop worrying about what's Absent and focus on the Abundant - Yu Lei ~

5) Abide by the rules of ODA, No one cares about your babying. . .

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