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The New Testing Rubric is upon us!!!!

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The New Testing Rubric is upon us!!!!

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:36 am

This will be the new rubric for dorm tests!

Also, for the first week of using the new rubric, dorm retests will only cost 150DP!! This will last until Tuesday, January 6th.

Dorm retests will use the same rubric, but there will be no written Ruling Test, instead your ruling knowledge will be based purely on the match with your tester, just like with the old rubric. 


For Testers: 

If you have a copy of the old rubric saved as a word document or something, make sure to replace it with the new rubric!! For the link to the Ruling Test, use this link and the Ruling Test will be in the opening post. I would highly recommend saving the link somewhere or bookmarking it for easy access when you give it to a testee after your match. Remember that the Ruling Test is for ENTRANCE dorm tests only!!! Retests for members that are already in a dorm will not include a Ruling Test, and you will give them points for ruling knowledge just based on the match, just like the way you did with the old rubric.



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